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Free children from the digital stranglehold

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With a manifesto we urgently ask for a different policy in the Netherlands for the digital, online aspects of education. Please sign too!

Dutch version



a coalition of parents, IT professionals, teachers, privacy advocates, recognise ourselves in this manifesto


establish that:

  • that the current digital educational system are dominated by tech giants
  • that fundamental rights - like the privacy of children, parents and educators - are insufficiently secured


and request

an alternative design for digital educational systems in which public values and the autonomy of the individual can be secured.

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Coalitie Eerlijk Digitaal Onderwijs  




Really nice explanation by Human Rights Watch

There is a really nice illustrated explanation 'Students not products on the web brought you by Human Rights Watch about the surveillance and profiling by Big Tech. Highly recommended! Our manifesto is not restricted to these issues, but it is very important.

+

There is also the full report of nearly 35,000 words


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Freedom Internet-nieuwsbrief 45 over het manifest

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